"Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again..."

It's a good line from the IT Crowd on TV, but its amazing how often it works! If your PC or laptop starts up and then stops at a black screen, try this. With the computer on, hold the power button in for about 9 or 10 seconds (not less) until the computer goes off completely and leave it for a few minutes. In the case of a laptop, disconnect the power lead, turn it over and remove the battery pack as well. Then start it it up as normal. We call this a 'hard reset'. This also fixes a glitch with Windows 10 where the start button or Live Mail don't work. 

PC Retail Boot Camp 18 May 2016

A useful day spent at the PC Retail event at the Emirates Stadium in London (where incidentally no time had been wasted in digging up the pitch ready for re-laying). Lots of products and services were on display, and some of the upcoming trends highlighted were ‘smart home’ and virtual reality products, and the fact that more people are now shopping on their smart phone or tablet.

Windows 10 launch date announced

The next and possibly last (as we know it)version of Microsoft's operation system will be released on new PCs on July 29th. Welcome back the good old Start Button, a completely new web browser plus redesigned tiles from Windows 8. Microsoft has said there will free upgrades to users of Windows 7 & 8.

Posted by Richard Mills

May Special Offer

In case you you haven't seen the latest issue of the Cottingham Times, look out for our May Special Offer for computer service and back for only £49 (normal price £60). Please phone for details or to book your home visit! 01482 875666 or email richard@rdmcomputers.co.uk (Home users only)


Windows 10 news

The latest build (10049) of Windows 10 Technical Preview seems quite fluid to use. Most people will appreciate the return of the Start button. Spartan browser now included, which will be re-incarnated later with a new name. Internet Explorer is set to disappear surprisingly after all these years. 

Karoo Internet and email problem 31 July 2014

Statement from Karoo website re access problems

Service Issue

Some of our customers may be having problems connecting to the Internet. The issue has now been resolved but you may need to switch your router off and back on again to restore service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

If you have factory reset your router by mistake, please see our articles on how to setup your router.
KC Supplied routers
Non KC supplied routers.

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GameOver Zeus Virus scare...

This latest nasty made the headlines recently, so do make sure your anti virus protection is up to date, and be extra vigilant with email attachments. Most of these viruses spread by computer users inadvertently clicking on links or attachments so infecting their own computers. The golden rule is of course if you don't recognize the sender, or the attachment type, just delete it, and then empty you Deleted Items folder.

Please see this helpful link from our anti virus provider ESET for more info: